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Mood buster, joint healer, energy maker... AN EYE OPENER

Vitamin D3 is significant in our biochemistry, and until a few decades ago there was no question of whether we have it enough or not because it is easily synthesized through exposure to the sun, but something happened to us.  

Do you know that more than one-third of you reading this has a lack of this vitamin, and you're not even aware?

What is Balance Living vitamin d3?

Balance Living vitamin d3 is a dietary supplement containing vitamin d3 in the form of soft gelatin capsules. You will find Balance Living beneficial if your diet lacks this vital vitamin, or you have been hiding from the sun long enough. In addition to nutrition, it is used to meet daily needs in adults and increased requirements in children older than 7 years.


Why should you use Balance Living vitamin d3?

Balance Living vitamin d3 supplement contains 5,000 IU of pure vitamin D, and you will like the fact that is delivered in an easy to swallow soft gel capsule, especially if you take numerous pills daily. vitamin d3 gel capsules improve the body's immune response and are used as supplemental therapy in osteoporosis, rickets, psoriasis, and as protection against breast, intestine and prostate cancer.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Goodbye winter blues! vitamin d3 is a vital supplement for post-menopausal women living in cloudy climates. If you experience challenges and exacerbations of various autoimmune conditions and you've passed your 40-is then taking Balance Living capsules on a daily basis can bring you blissful improvements.vitamin d3 is a significant precursor for several important endocrine and immunological pathways especially if you are feeling sluggish.
  • You are feeling overly tired and rundown for no apparent reason. vitamin d3 is often overlooked as a potential cause. In one case, a woman who complained about daytime fatigue and migraines was found to have a vitamin D level of only 5.9 ng/ml. So, check your D3 and make sure that isn't under 20 ng/ml.
  • Start wiggling and running and crawling with your kids again.vitamin d3 improves your body's absorption of calcium. The researchers found that if you have a deficiency of D3, you are more likely to have back pain. Balance Living D3 builds and maintains healthy bones; aids with calcium absorption; prevents osteoporosis, and helps regulating cells which responsible for autoimmune functions.(
  • All people with diabetes should receive an honorary degree in mathematics and patience. It has been confirmed that vitamin d3 not only affects the increase in insulin secretion in the pancreas but also affects the muscles and fat cells by reducing insulin resistance and better control of diabetes. How about that!?
  • Bulletproof your sleep with vitamin D3. Several studies have shown a link between vitamin d3 levels and different measures of sleep. There are vitamin D receptors on specific brain points that are controlling sleep. Your level of vitamin d3 affects sleep by binding to these receptors. If you have lower levels, these brain points may work a little differently than if you had a lot of this sunshine vitamin.                                                    (
  • There's nothing wrong with you man! Nonetheless, D3 can leverage your already good health to a place where you'll feel that nothing can touch you. vitamin d3 will kick your brain functions in the higher gear delivering you the sharpness and mental clarity.

NOTE: You cannot reach dangerously high blood levels of D3 through diet and sun exposure alone, but you can attain toxicity through supplementing so don't exceed a recommended dose.

Balance your rays of D3 through the Balance Living vitamin d3


  • Vitamin D3;  is a fat-soluble vitamin responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, potassium and multiple other biological effects. Vitamin D supplements are given to prevent or treat osteomalacia and rickets, but there is evidence for many health effects.


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