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Do you need a beauty SOS?

While various creams and face lotions seem to be essential for preserving the appearance of the skin, it looks that our skin is more influenced by what we put into our body, and not just on the surface of it.
Despite the extra care and maintenance, the skin can be perfect only when we have enough levels of specific vitamins.

Meet your beauty's friend – biotin

What is Balance Living biotin pure?

Balance Living biotin pure is a member of the group of vitamins called- B complexes. When it comes to gloss and freshness, the presence of a sufficient amount of this vitamin makes a difference. In addition to many beneficial effects on your body, it does wonders with hair and will help you fix dry, irritated skin by regulating fatty acid metabolism. But that's not all.

Why should you use Balance Living biotin pure?

You noticed your hair is looking thinner and duller, and your nails are short and brittle and your skin...well, it is not as silky as it used to be?!

Balance Living biotin supplement will help you to produce amino-acids that will further create a form of keratin (an active ingredient linked to the benefits of hair, skin, and nails).


  • Your 'crying in the shower' days are over! Seeing how much hair you lose after every wash made you think to try a new approach. With biotin supplement you can't go wrong because it will give your hair a unique chance for beauty and you, a confidence boost. The Balance Living biotin Pure will provide you with thickness and length. There is some convincing evidence that suggests that when you fix a deficiency of this vitamin, the hair loss will grow back and become a healthy-looking again. ( 

  • It's deeply satisfying. Almost indescribably so... to bait your nails. But with Balance Living biotin pure you will stop immediately. Forget the nails that are weak and soft, and layers that are always splitting and separating your whole life.

    A study in Brazil showed a benefit for brittle nails from a biotin supplement. Nail growth was shown to have increased by 12% and the frequency of broken nails decreased by 42%
    compared to the period before biotin supplement treatment.


  • Is your face going through that teenage acne phase again? While we know that people rely on dietary supplements like collagen for skin health, biotin also has a role by protecting your skin from acne, cradle cap, fungal infections, rashes, and severe dryness and cracking skin on the sides of the mouth. Biotin revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin by improving skin cells and helping to produce more vital proteins like collagen.

    Get rid of that oily skin and get a healthy face color back!

      Although many types of researches were made to support other health benefits from the Biotin intakes, few will support claims that state that Biotin helps in repairing muscle tone and tissue damage, supports thyroid and adrenal function and fights cognitive decline.


      Anyone can develop a biotin deficiency. Several conditions increase the risk for some people. If you are a pregnant woman, using IV feeding, or using certain medications, please know that you could suffer from the lack of biotin vitamins.


      Stop being a skeptic and treat your body with the new healthy look. Try Balance Living biotin pure



      • Biotin: catalyze critical steps in the metabolism of fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. Also plays key roles in histone modifications, gene regulation, and cell signaling.
      • Calcium Carbonate: Calcium intake can help you absorb iron, which stimulates hair growth

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