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Health from within, beauty on the outside

Women admire women who have beautiful hair. You know the hair we turn on the street, and ask ourselves a thousand questions: "How is it so glistening? The volume is incredible; why does not it work for me? Which shampoo does it use? When will my hair look like this? "

Where there is a question, there is an answer.

What is Balance Living Hair, Skin & Nails?

Balance Living Hair, skin & nails is a natural blend of folic acid, vitamin B6, B5, Biotin and many others which will help you to strengthen those brittle nails, grow healthier hair, and give your skin a natural glow. It doesn't change your skin instantly, but it helps to become more vibrant. You'll see your nails become healthier which will help you retain the length. If you are prone to breakage due to genetics, it will HELP your hair break less, which promotes growth.

Do you see where we're going?

Why should you use Balance Living Hair, Skin & Nails?

This is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, microelements and protein extracts that will provide your body the right balance of each vitamin.


  • Do you like baiting those brittle nails? Go ahead, we are not judging! With our mix, your nails will start to grow faster and look and feel like acrylic ones. Biotin, (aka vitamin B7 or H), is a B-complex vitamin within that helps turn the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into the energy you need for growth. Because it's water-soluble biotin isn't stored in your body; it actually just runs right out of you when you pee. But if you follow a healthy diet, it's likely you already get all the biotin you could need, anyway. If not, Balance Living can help you restore this precious beauty ingredient.

    Now your Instagram day pics could start with selfi-manicures.

  • Don't be afraid of washing, combing and blow-drying. Thick hair and clogged up shower drain is not just an aging process; it's a lack of essential vitamins. Vitamin A stimulates the secretion of sebum, an oily substance that protects the hair from drying. Again, biotin positively affects the elasticity of your hair and protects it from drying, making it less fragile. It is also essential for the production of keratin, which is one of the necessary conditions for beautiful hair...

    … like Jason Momoa and Selena Gomez have.


  • Don't forget to nurture your biggest organ! Skin! Thanks to vitamins E and C inside our special mix, which contributes to healthy collagen formation for normal function, your skin will drastically clear up from acne. Besides, Balance Living stimulates blood circulation, improves the ability of cells to take oxygen, which results in soft skin that appears to be glowing.

    Your skin on hands will be looking smooth and not dried out during frigid winter weather.


Brittle nails, thin hair, and dry skin are signals that the body is experiencing the lack of vitamins. Never ignore these signs, and if you notice some of the symptoms, react as soon as possible!

Balance Living Hair, skin & nails helps your body to do what is already supposed to do. To be beautiful.


  • Vitamin A; prevents hair from being dry and decaying.
  • Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12; Vitamin B complexes contain several vitamins B that work together, and some of them stand out as particularly good for hair. They fight hair loss, make hair soft, shiny and elastic.
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin); Very often it is recommended to strengthen the root of the hair
  • Vitamin C; stimulates collagen production, which is important for healthy skin and hair. However, what is best is fighting free radicals that make hair fragile, dry and lifeless.
  • Vitamin D3; repairs skin damage prevents infections that might be caused due to skin injuries and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Vitamin E; is important for skin and hair. In addition to fighting free radicals, vitamin E improves the circulation and flow of oxygen and thus stimulates hair growth.
  • Calcium Carbonate; Calcium intake can help you absorb iron, which stimulates hair growth.
  • Iron fumarate; Hair, skin, and nails require iron to retain their natural luster, shine, and moisture.
  • Folic acid; is primarily responsible for healthy cell growth. These cells are found inside your skin tissues as well as in your hair and nails.
  • Magnesium oxide; helps with protein synthesis. Since hair follicles are made almost entirely of protein.
  • Zink oxide; an important “building block” for protein synthesis, enzyme creation, and metabolic processes.
  • Manganese chelate; helps to protect the skin from oxygen-related and UV-related damage.
  • Potassium gluconate; keeps the cells hydrated, and supports the growth of new skin cells.

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